Many types of jasmine flowers exist, and not many people know that. This plant is very easy to grow and maintain. It enhances the beauty of your garden, but you should keep in mind that every type needs to be treated differently.

Jasmines are considered to be very attractive flowers, especially for insects. So make sure to protect them and take care of them. Please keep reading to learn more about jasmine flowers and their different types. You can also our detailed blog about flower types.

34 Types Of Jasmine Flowers

  1. Common Jasmine Or Jasminum Officinale

There are other names for this jasmine, i.e., true jasmine, summer jasmine, and white jasmine. It's known for its lovely fragrance. These plants consist of five-petaled white flowers. They are mostly found in the summer season and are used in essential oils and therapies. They grow fast, up to 14-15 feet, and have pointy leaves. It's a delicate type of jasmine flower and grows in cluster form. They spread well in the garden. That is one of the fascinating things about these jasmine flowers. These plants get affected by the climate quickly; you need to put them inside in a pot in winter and keep them outside in the summer.

Common Jasmine Or Jasminum Officinale

2. Royal Jasmine Or Jasminum Grandiflorum/Jasminum Rex

It is also known as Spanish Jasmine. Common types of jasmine flowers are used in perfume making, but this type is mostly used in the food sector.

Royal Jasmine Or Jasminum Grandiflorum/Jasminum Rex

3. Winter Jasmine Or Jasminum Nudiflorum

The best season to grow winter jasmine is winter. They can grow up to 7 feet long and don't have much fragrance. The color of its flowers is yellow. It adds to the beauty of your garden with its bright color.

types of jasmine flowers

4. Arabian Jasmine Or Jasminum Sambac

Summer is the best time for these jasmines to grow. They can grow up to 6-10 feet long. These are one of the prettiest kinds of jasmine. The flowers are multi-layered, and they look lovely. Arabian jasmine is the main ingredient in making jasmine tea.

types of jasmine flowers

5. Dwarf Jasmine Or Jasminum Parkeri

These jasmine flowers are vibrant yellow and have five petals. These plants cannot grow much longer but are a great addition to the garden. These flowers are best for decorations. The best season to grow them is summer.

types of jasmine flowers

6. Wild Jasmine Or Jasminum Fruticans

These flowers bloom most in the summer and spring. The color of these jasmines is white. They spread quickly and are great for covering walls or boundaries of your garden. They don't have any odor, but their beauty is what attracts people.

types of jasmine flowers

7. Pink Jasmine Or Jasminum Polyanthum

These flowers are pinkish-white in color and have a beautiful fragrance. They can grow tall up to 15 feet or more. They look extremely enchanting and spread widely in the garden. This plant requires proper maintenance and blooms yearly if the temperature isn't very cold.

types of jasmine flowers

8. Star Jasmine Or Trachelospermum Asiaticum

These flowers don't need much effort for maintenance but look very charming. They are mostly grown in china. They grow in great clusters, and their flower shape is like stars. They have a sweet fragrance that attracts butterflies and other insects. These jasmines are also known as Asiatic jasmines.

types of jasmine flowers

9. Night Blooming Jasmine Or Cestrum Nocturnum

These flowers are famous in Africa. They grow well if there's proper maintenance. The fragrance gets strong at night, which can cause allergies in some people. It can grow up to 5-7 feet long.

types of jasmine flowers

10. Cape Jasmine Or Gardenia Jasminoides

These flowers have an extremely appealing fragrance. These flowers are thicker than the other types, and the leaves are glossy and heavier. They need great care and maintenance when it comes to watering.

types of jasmine flowers

11. Angel Wing Jasmine Or Jasminum Nitidum

These flowers are shinier. They grow quickly and massively, so manage the growth according to your needs. The petals of these flowers are thin and long with a round center. The color is white, and the odor is strong.

types of jasmine flowers

12. Downy Jasmine Or Jasminum Pubescens

They can grow up to 9 feet and require much maintenance. They don't produce much odor but look beautiful in their full bloom.

types of jasmine flowers

13. Forest Jasmine Or Jasminum Abyssinicum

They can grow up to 16 feet and are mostly found in Africa. They have thicker leaves and require a lot of sunlight. They can grow massively, so remember what purpose you buy them for.

types of jasmine flowers

14. Italian Jasmine Or Chryso Jasminum Humile

These jasmines are mostly found in Asia and can grow much longer. These are the plants of warmer areas and don't need much maintenance.

types of jasmine flowers

15. Lemon-Scented Jasmine Or Jasminum Azoricum

As its name suggests, it has a lemon-like scent. They have long petals, and the flowers seem to be combined. They can never be grown in colder areas. They need good sunlight for their growth; that's why they are mostly found in Madeira.

types of jasmine flowers

16. Primrose Jasmine Or Jasminum Mesnyi

They can't grow very long. Primrose jasmine flowers are very strong and can handle different weather very easily. They don't need much maintenance. They grow and expand quickly.

types of jasmine flowers

17. Stiff Jasmine Or Jasminum Volubile

These plants cannot grow more than 5 feet long. These flowers have a lot of petals and look very stunning. It's important to water them properly.

types of jasmine flowers

18. Jasminum Vahl Or Jasminum Auriculatum

These flowers have a lovely fragrance and are mostly found in Thailand. In the making of essential oils, these jasmines are mostly used.

types of jasmine flowers

19. Coral Jasmine Or Nyctanthes Arbortristis

Coral jasmines don't bloom in the daytime; that's why they are also known as trees of sorrow. They have beautiful long white petals with an orange center.

types of jasmine flowers

20. Day Blooming Jasmine Or Cestrum Diurnum

These plants are used to make ink. They have a strong fragrance and can grow up to 8 feet. They form a cluster, and this plant is also known as the king of the day.

types of jasmine flowers

21. Indian Jasmine Or Jasminum Multiflorum

These are like snow-white flowers. They don't produce much fragrance but are very famous for the structure of their flowers.

types of jasmine flowers

22. Florida Jasmine Or Jasminum Floridum

These flowers are mostly found in china. They are yellow in color, and the leaves are glossy green.

types of jasmine flowers

23. Aimee Yoshida Jasmine

These plants need much water and care. They bloom properly for a very short period but look extremely stunning.

types of jasmine flowers

24. August Beauty Jasmine

It has velvet-like petals. They need high maintenance and a lot of attention. They have a beautiful, strong smell.

types of jasmine flowers

25. Belmont Jasmine

The leaves of this plant are long and green. They bloom for a longer time, mostly from spring to summer. The flowers become yellowish eventually.

types of jasmine flowers

26. Chuck Hayes Jasmine

These flowers are famous for their fragrance. They have a beautiful white color, enhancing the beauty of your garden or house if placed inside. But they need regular care and attention to bloom properly.

types of jasmine flowers

27. Frost Proof Jasmine

You can grow them outside your home or inside your home in a pot. These flowers are strong, and their petals are hard.

types of jasmine flowers

28. Daruma Jasmine

It's an attractive plant because the round-shaped leaves go best with the white flowers. They can't grow much longer but are very famous.

types of jasmine flowers

29. Miami Supreme Jasmine

These flowers are grown throughout the year and look extremely beautiful. They bloom fully, and their appearance has a high level of sophistication.

types of jasmine flowers

30. Michael Jasmine

These flowers have hard petals and don't need much maintenance. They have a beautiful scent as well.

types of jasmine flowers

31. Glazerii Jasmine

These plants can grow up to 7-8 feet and are one of the most famous plants of gardeners because of their easy maintenance and beauty.

types of jasmine flowers

32. Variegated Jasmine Or Trachelospermum Jasminoides Variegatum

If these flowers are placed in a room, they can fill up the entire room with a sweet fragrance in no time. These flowers are very attractive and grow mostly in the summer season.

types of jasmine flowers

33. Veitchii Jasmine

These flowers attract bees, so be careful. They have a unique sweet scent and delicate look. It requires regular maintenance.

types of jasmine flowers

34. Plumeria Rubra Or Red Jasmine

This is among the most sensitive jasmine flowers. The leaves are comparatively larger, and the flowers look delicate with overlapping long petals. They have a delightful heavenly scent which makes them more demanding. These plants need more care and regular watering.

types of jasmine flowers

Final Words

There are many kinds of jasmine flowers, but you have to choose the best for you by considering the environment you're living in. Some types are good for the warm season, but a few work great in the winter. Watering the plant is the most important part of gardening, so don't overwater or underwater your plant; keep it alive with good care. Jasmines are very easy to handle, so don't worry about that. They are a beautiful addition to your garden, and their delightful scent refreshes the mind. We hope the information was helpful to you.