Many species of daffodils exist, so you sometimes see white and orange daffodils in some gardens. They are not edible and can cause many problems if eaten, especially the bulbs. Daffodils are usually grown on the garden's borders to add to its beauty. They can be grown indoors or outdoors easily.

If you're confused about what eats daffodil flowers, this is the right place to find out. Keep reading to know more.

Pests, Insects, And Animals That Eat Daffodils

Your daffodils can get destroyed due to many reasons, i.e.,

  • The depth of the planted bulbs is not appropriate
  • The climate is not suitable for the daffodils
  • You're over-trimming your daffodils
  • Diseases like yellow stripe and basal rot
  • Your daffodils are being eaten by something

Understanding the signs helps you to figure out what's wrong with your plant.

Eel Worms/Nematodes

Eel Worms/Nematodes

These worms can harm the growth of your daffodils. They destroy the roots, which directly affect the bulbs, and bulb mites eat these damaged bulbs. They lay eggs in the soil, which can be even more destructive. If the rows of your daffodil plants are missing, they have become the prey to the deadly eelworms. The leaves start fading, and the flower heads start to bend due to a lack of nutrition.

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How To Get Rid Of Them?

Remove The Plant

If your plant is affected by eelworms, the roots may be destroyed, and the best way to get rid of these worms is to remove the damaged plant from your garden.

Bulb Mites

Bulb Mites

They are not so strong to attack a healthy plant, so they join the team already destroying it. They are very tiny but can do a lot of damage to the bulbs of the daffodils.

Spider mites and bulb mites have a lot of similarities, and you can use the same m methods to get rid of them both. Due to their small size, it isn't easy to hand-pick them or even see them. They don't go away easily.

How To Make Them Go Away?

Cosmolaelaps Claviger

They take care of the bulb mites better than you can. It's an effective method but never make the mistake of putting them in the bulb. Please put them in the soil instead. Make sure you don't have a fruit or vegetable plant near them.

Stop Playing With Bulbs

If you wound the bulbs, it's an open invitation for the bulb mites. So don't do that.


The only thing which can make the bulb mites go away quickly is a strong chemical. Spray a miticide on your daffodils to prevent them from bulb mites.

Narcissus Grub

Narcissus Grub

These flies attack the bulbs of the daffodils. But they only come for the bulbs that are already damaged or eaten. They make the condition worse by adding bacteria to the bulbs. Don't confuse narcissus grubs with bulb mites. They lay eggs on the leaves of your plants, and when they hatch, they attack the plant's bulb together. You'll have no idea where they have laid eggs, so it's better to use insecticides or eliminate the plant because their population increases tremendously.

How To Get Rid Of Them?


Nets are available in the market to protect your plants from these tiny insects. It won't cost you much. You can cover your plants with these nets and prevent them from being eaten.

Sticky Traps

For these stubborn insects, it's good to use sticky yellow traps so they can't move when trapped. These traps are the best not only for narcissus flies but also for other bees.

Cut The Plant

If your plant is severely affected by the grubs. It means you're late in identifying them. It's better to cut the plant. It'll save the other plants from getting harmed.


It's good to mow the grass of your garden regularly. Trim the leaves, so there's no space for them to lay eggs.


It's a strong chemical, but if the narcissus grubs won't go away, it's good to use pyrethrin to save your daffodils.

Plant More Flowers

Surround your daffodils with plants that don't attract the grubs. Overcrowding the flowers will reduce the population of these pests in your garden.



Snails and slugs love to eat the flowers of daffodils. They can't bear the heat. That's why they come out at night and attack your daffodils. It isn't easy to catch them in daylight, so you'll have to wait for rain. They eat the flowers and spare the leaves but sometimes they eat them too. You'll know it if there are holes in its leaves.

How To Stop Them?

After identifying them, you will need a solution to get rid of them.


If you control the snail population early, it will be better for your garden. This method is effective only when frogs are small in number. It's a natural way to get rid of slugs. Snails do not like hedgehogs or frogs, and they go away. You can make a small pond for the frogs to survive.

Parasitic Nematodes

It will cost you much, but it's an effective way of eliminating slugs. These are the worms that kill the slugs. So you can call it a natural way of getting rid of slugs.


The best time to hand-pick the slugs is when it's raining or night. You'll get nothing in the daytime. Bring a bucket of soapy water with you and start hand-picking them by wearing gloves. You can throw them away later.


A beer trap is the best one to catch snails. Put a half-filled cup of beer in the ground by doing some digging. Make sure that the edges of the cup are a little above the ground, snails will fall into the cup, and you can throw them away in the morning.


There are many effective sprays available in the market. You can spray your daffodils with these chemicals and save your plant from being eaten by snails.

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Squirrels, Rabbits, And Rats  


They don't eat daffodils but like playing with them. Squirrels and bunnies are the true enemies of a beautiful garden. They come to eat some other plant but end up destroying the entire garden. Lycorine is the main reason not to eat these plants. It's dangerous for humans as well as animals.

How To Stop Them?


Long and firm boundaries should surround your garden because many animals can attack your plants. Ensure that the barriers are strong enough to stop them from entering.


Bulbs are the most sensitive part of daffodils. So be careful with them. If the bulbs are damaged, the plant won't bloom again. Sometimes their recovery is possible if the damage is not that severe. Use fertilizers and prune your daffodils for their quick recovery. Don't let nematodes attack your daffodils; they will kill your plant. We hope this information was helpful to you.