Are you struggling to find a way to get rid of it to prevent it from spreading and surrounding your favorite plants? You might have heard of the effectiveness of vinegar for killing weeds, but will vinegar kill Ground Elder?

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Doubtlessly, vinegar can kill Ground Elders if you have used the right concentrations and applied it directly to leaves. Applying vinegar to any other plant, even by mistake, will lead to wilting and then the death of that plant. So, being cautious is the first step toward this nuisance's end. This post has elaborated on the complete procedure, preventive tips, and other efficient ways to eliminate this threat from your garden.

How to Prepare Vinegar-Based Solution to Kill Ground Elder?

Using vinegar to remove weeds from the yard isn’t complicated, but it can cause trouble if done without instruction. We usually have vinegar in our kitchens, but it has a less acidic concentration. You can do the job with it or buy some with more acid concentration.

After getting vinegar, make a solution to apply on a Ground Elder.

How to Prepare Vinegar-Based Solution to Kill Ground Elder

Things You Need

Here are the things you will need to proceed:

  • A gallon of Vinegar
  • A cup of Salt
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Spray Bottle
  • Funnel
  • Spoon (With long handle)
  • A bucket


  • Pour the complete gallon of vinegar into the bucket.
  • Add salt and stir with a spoon to dissolve it.
  • Add liquid dish soap and stir again to mix the solution.
  • Pour the solution inside the spray bottle using a funnel.
  • Cover the remaining solution and store it in a dark and cool place for future use.
  • Spray the solution on a Ground Elder.
  • Start with the leaves of the weed, and once they wilt, remove the entire plant.

Note: Spray carefully to prevent other plants from getting in touch with the vinegar solution.

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Safety Tips to Follow Using Vinegar to Kill Ground Elder

Fortunately, vinegar is effective weed killer, but completely safe for humans. But it can not discriminate weeds from other plants and kill them equally.

  • While dealing with a vinegar solution, wear gloves and goggles to prevent skin irritation.
  • Instead of pouring the solution on the Ground Elder, it is better to spray. This way, you can accomplish the task without harming nearby plants.
  • Do not put the solution on the soil; just spray it on the leaves. The soil will get increased salt levels due to the vinegar solution. It will make the soil unsuitable for plants to grow there until the balance isn’t ensured.
  • Treat Ground Elder with vinegar solution on sunny and dry days. Do not start the application on windy or rainy days. You will get into more trouble instead of getting rid of weeds.

How Long Will Vinegar Take to Kill Ground Elder

There isn’t a certain timeline for when vinegar's effectiveness will start killing Ground Elders. However, waiting for 24 hours is sufficient to expect a positive outcome.

Most importantly, you will need to spray vinegar daily because Ground Elder is a perennial plant that grows and survives from season to season. So, repeating the process will prevent Ground Elder infestation.

Ground Elder has been used traditionally for treating gout and several other illnesses. Instead of throwing, you can get several benefits from it.

Other Effective Ways to Kill Ground Elder

With several benefits of vinegar against weeds, you might be aware of some of its harms. Using chemicals can disrupt the natural ecosystem, including the fertile soil. Here are some of the best ways to kill Ground Elder.

Other Effective Ways to Kill Ground Elder

Dig Out Weed

The main threat arises when the rhizome of Ground Elder stays underground to sprout again. So, digging it out will help get rid of the problem permanently.

You can also dig trenches or make barriers to prevent Ground Elder from creeping into your garden.

Ground Elder Burner

Gas burners are often used to burn weeds. This is an easy and least labor-intensive method to kill Ground Elder.

Instead of a burner, boiling water can also help in this regard. However, boiled water will get cool until reaching the roots. You can rely on this method in smaller areas, such as between the paving slabs.

Use Weed Killers

Weed killers containing glyphosate are often recommended to use for a Ground Elder. You can spray it in summer and repeat it in late summer. However, like vinegar, glyphosate is also non-selective and will kill all plants coming its way.

It would be better to cover the other plants or apply the chemical only to leaves.

Sometimes, the chemicals aren’t the only threat to your garden plants; certain pests and other animals can also infect your plants.

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Use Black Polythene Sheet

If you haven’t planted any flowers or plants in your lawn, but it is covered with Ground Elder, use a black polythene sheet to place in the entire area. After a few months, remove the sheet. Your soil will hardly have a few rhizomes, which you can dig out. This is one of the easy and safe ways to kill weeds, but your lawn won’t be useful for plantation during a certain period. This method is beneficial for newly allotted plots.


Does vinegar poison soil?

Though vinegar has sufficient acidic content, it doesn't accumulate in the soil to alter the pH to a dangerous level. Rather it breaks down in soil rapidly to avoid any damage. However, any part of the plant in contact with vinegar can face quick burn.

How to prevent Ground Elder from regrowing?

The best ways to inhibit the growth of Ground Elder in your garden are mulching, hoeing, edging boards, and root barriers. You can also limit it from spreading by placing a polythene sheet in the particular patch of land.

How to remove Ground Elders by organic means?

One of the unique plants, the Mexican marigold, can kill ground elders. Certain chemicals released by this plant restrict the weed from growing. The method is also known as allelopathy, where chemicals released by one plant infect or kill another. It sounds good, but this plant will suppress the growth of nearby plants.

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Wrapping Up

Though getting rid of Ground Elder is challenging, it isn’t impossible. Starting with vinegar, you can kill Ground Elders with regular application of weed killer. If vinegar doesn’t suit, try other methods we have mentioned.

We hope all these tricks will help you prevent the infestation from spreading and affecting your entire garden.

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