Fresh flowers have a different charm but keeping them fresh for a long time is not easy. Some people put flowers in their cars to make the environment delightful and fragrant.

If you're also a flower lover but don't know how to keep them alive and how long can flowers last in a car, then this article is for you. Keep reading.

How To Keep Flowers Fresh In A Car?

The most important thing affecting the car's flowers is its temperature. They start losing their freshness after a few hours in the car and will die completely after a day or two. Flowers are very delicate, and they need water to last longer. Some other Factors that affect the freshness of flowers are

  • Cold Temperature
  • Hot Temperature
  • Dry Air
  • Sunlight

Hot Car

Maintaining the temperature of your car is completely up to you. You can adjust the air conditioner settings according to your need. The external weather also affects the flowers. If you keep them inside the car in hot weather, then due to the increased temperature of the car, the flowers die.

Open The Windows

If you want to prevent the flowers from fading, you should not close the windows tight. Keep the windows a little open to keep the ventilation. Due to the air circulation, your car's temperature will be lowered to normal. It will help the flowers to breathe and last longer. If the weather is extremely hot outside, then this method may not work.


You can also park your car in a shady place rather than under direct sunlight. It will keep the flowers from getting dry. When the flowers are exposed to the sun directly, they won't last for more than 2 hours in that hot car. So find a parking space with a fine shade and park your car there if you have flowers in it.


Flowers cannot survive without water. You can spray some water on the flowers to keep them fresh. If it's too hot outside, the flowers might need extra water. Like other living things, they feel more thirsty in the hot weather.

You can also place a small container filled with water in your car and put your flowers in it. Due to the warm temperature, some of the water may evaporate and not get consumed by the flowers, so that you can add more water to the container again.

How To Keep Flowers Fresh In A Car

Cold Car

Like the hot car, a cold car can be equally damaging to the flowers. There are many categories of flowers, some can survive in a hot environment for more hours, and a few can tolerate the cold temperature more. So it depends upon the kind of your flowers as well.

Garden Fleece

You can use garden fleece to keep the flowers warm and prevent them from excessively cold temperatures. It's very easy to use, lightweight and effective. It's also known as horticultural and works exactly like a plastic sheet. It is a great option if your car's temperature is not warm enough for the flowers to survive.


A cloche is recommended to protect the flowers from getting killed due to extremely cold temperatures,. They can keep the flowers warm and fresh, but sometimes the cloche is too tight for the plants, and the temperature gets too hot. So it's suggested to make a hole in the cloche so the flowers can breathe. It will provide some ventilation to the flowers. There are several kinds of the cloche, so research before buying.


It's one of the most effective tricks to keep the temperature moderate for your flowers in the car. If the atmosphere is quite cold for the flowers to survive, then put them in a cardboard box, so they don't lose their freshness due to excessive cold temperature. They can last longer in a cardboard box than open in a cold car.


Flowers That Last Longer In A Car

Some kinds of flowers aren't easily affected by the temperature. i.e.,

1. Snake Plant

It is one of the strongest plants that can survive in a car for longer. They don't get affected by the sunlight easily and don't need extra watering or excessive care.

2. Chrysanthemum

You can put these flowers in a fine vase and place them in your car. They can last up to 2 weeks. These flowers are very popular because of their survival power.

3. Lucky Bamboo

They are beautiful and don't get affected by the environment instantly. They can face different temperatures and weathers without getting faded easily. But it's good to water them a little.

4. Succulent

They can survive in less sunlight and water. So you can keep them in your car for a longer time. But you should park your car under a shade; it's better for them.

5. Orchid

You can place these flowers in a cold car without any worries. They can last a week, but the tenure can be increased with good care.

6. Carnation

Put these flowers in a vase filled with water. Please place it in your car and let the flowers do their magic. They don't get affected by the weather easily but make sure to remove petals or leaves from the water in the vase.

7. Zinnia

They can last long in your car if you keep changing the vase's water once every two days. They can live up to 20 - 24 days in your car without fading out.

Final Thoughts

If you want to keep the flowers in a vase, make sure you use a stable one; otherwise, they will fall into the car. Flowers need to breathe, so don't keep them in an extremely airtight atmosphere. You can also use wet paper to cover the stems of your flowers so that they remain hydrated. It depends upon the kind of flower you're placing inside your car.

Every plant has its own nature and should be dealt with accordingly. Good flowers not only make the environment pleasant but also purify the air. We hope this information helped you find the best solution to your problem.